About Us

True to our name, we constantly strive to maintain India’s niche as a premier destination for seminal research, superior delivery structures and strict adherence to holistic quality.

Established as an entrepreneur led services outfit in 1998, IWP is a dynamic web-process management and marketing services company that has constantly offered its client’s superior and optimum web solutions that challenged the status quo and laid benchmarks for quality and reliability.

Constantly re-inventing itself, IWP has managed to carve a strong foothold in the Indian market. Today, after 15 years and more than 100+ resellers across the country, more than 50% of top ecommerce sites hosted, more than 1000 service outfits spawned from our core solutions, we are considered as one of the pioneers in the web applications domain.

And it’s not been a success without reason. At IWP, our strengths stem from our core values of having a customer centric, scientifically sound and ethical approach in all our practice areas.

The other key components that make the ‘IWP preposition’ unique are:

  • Business partners and affiliates that bring years of core experience to the table,
  • Finest team of professionals,
  • Hands on management support,
  • Well defined process quality policies and practices that are imbibed into the very fabric of the organization,
  • Well defined process transition and on-site support model,
  • Business strategy that supports setting up of dedicated client service centres,
  • Well defined and scalable IT strategy to ensure that the best technological framework can be offered,
  • Rigorous personnel training program,
  • Corporate level information security policy that has been aligned to ISO 27001 standard and also incorporates principles of Data Protection Act, UK and EU guidelines for data privacy that ensure that client data is managed with the highest degree of care.

Our service areas include harnessing the internet’s potential to make winning solutions for the corporate web presence. We deliver solutions for web architecture, cloud, rich internet applications, mobile integration, Search Engine Optimisation advisory and solutions, web marketing strategies and products that match the best in the industry and are regarded as benchmarks in the domain.