Anand Gupta, Founder

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Anand started IWP as a entrepreneur led enterprise selling shared hosting and web domains in 1998. His grit, determination and technical knowledge has today put IWP on the global map.

Anand is a dynamic techie. A hands-on professional, Anand leads the country’s respected agency on social media and open source technology. India Web Promoters has time and again proved the adage – ‘web’ is our middle name. And without reason.

As a White label execution agency, IWP was responsible for driving traffic and executing campaigns that ran across multiple geographies, demographics and technologies. Since 1998, Anand has been at the forefront of new emerging technologies and has always embraced the technological advancements in the best interests of the client.

His forays in servers and data centers has also received their due success.

Harmeet Singh, Advisory Board

Harmeet is a master at employee happiness solutions. He has worked with leading global companies and designed brand solutions. A proponent of the Bhutan’s GNH (Gross National Happiness) model, he successfully mapped the happiness quotient to create a promising consulting practice – Suspire Solutions – aimed at Internal Image Management for an organization.

He is the author of qualitative EBRC Model. (Engage|Benefits&Rewards|Celebrations) - To succeed, an entity needs to enhance its ability to serve and thus needs to engage with stakeholders – consumers, community and society whilst acknowledging employees and consumers as collaborators and partners; A fruitful derivative of engagement would be benefits in value and rewards in measurable terms; leading an organization to the pinnacle of celebrations.

A man on the ground, he has personally designed trophies, T-Shirts and what not, drove long distances to research consumer behavior in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, painted walls; designed performance metrics and reward structures, loyalty programs and executed each task to perfection.

He has made tremendous contribution in the development of ZastaConverse.

Aman Bandvi, Advisory Board

Aman is a perception management consultant. He leads Credence’ initiatives in PR, Public Affairs and Business advisory.  He has mentored promoters on stake holder perceptions and devised strategies that help negate crises enhance stakeholder opinion and strengthen the perception.

He is the author of ZastaConverse – the company’s research backed, scientific, proprietary model for creating smart engaging conversation metrics, developed over 3 years. The model is based on the dynamics of needs, usage, response, predicted usage patterns and loyalty. The model is inspired by the intent ‘Le Chatelier’s principle’ and the ‘Law of Mass Action’ and works on an extrapolation of the responses of people to small changes that were catalytic in nature. It is a scientific base for predictive visitor, loyalty sciences, referral and retentive structures.

Rajesh Bhardwaj, Advisory Board

Rajesh is a management consultant. He brings in the valuable Big 4 experience. Rajesh is a dynamic persona who is at equal ease with a small town business owner and a promoter of a listed company.  He has hand-held to success, numerous companies eager to chart their course on the growth curve.

Rajesh is the author of IM series of management models. As a principal at Ziksan Enterprises, Rajesh has invested in research and development of models that can be easily adapted to the organisation’s need and achieve their objectives more efficiently.

His model IM 36 is aimed to evolve a standardized and centrally management dashboard to manage the corporate mandate of conformance to multiple compliances and hence evolve standardized audit methodology.

He has made tremendous contribution in the development of ZastaConverse.

Amit Bajaj, Advisory Board

Amit is a young technocrat. Amit leads DM Systems and IT By Bajaj – premier companies in InfoTech consulting and IT Infrastucture. Amit brings in the competence to tackle complex situations with real world logic.

Amit has been at the forefront of introducing new technologies that win on efficiency and quality. He is a firm proponent of efficiency. And every strategy that he devises for computerization, software engineering or mapping the two hinges on the core aspect of efficient performance and optimal resource allocation.