IWP follows a rigorous model of service delivery based on the IM 18 methodology, researched, designed and appropriated by Ziksan Consulting which spawned a industry specific model, Zastaconverse.

IWP is a premier business solutions company with solutions based on the ZastaConverse framework.

Our methodology is rooted in the model, ZastaConverse. It is a research backed, scientific, proprietary model for creating smart engaging conversation metrics, developed over 3 years based on extensive research in India and the US by CRA (Credence Research & Analytics), Credence PR and i3srf (India International Information Services Research Foundation)

The model is based on the dynamics of needs, usage, response, predicted usage patterns and loyalty. The model is inspired by the intent ‘Le Chatelier’s principle’ and the ‘Law of Mass Action’ and works on an extrapolation of the responses of people to small changes that were catalytic in nature. It is a scientific base for predictive visitor, loyalty sciences, referral and retentive structures.

Is it possible to predict user response? Easier said than done. ZastaConverse takes user parameters across demographics, behaviour, influencers and maps them on metrics to cull a most probable scenario. Using scientific logic, research inputs and market/user dynamics, the model brings out the basic science that evolves into a bespoke strategy.

Thus, ZastaConverse is a scientific base for predictive visitor, loyalty sciences, referral and retentive structures. And the most critical benefit to work with us, at Zastafy is that we are scientific, logical and use organic methodologies to find the best fit plan.

ZastaConverse allows us to reach a practical easy-to-adapt bespoke methodology for our clients in the following manner:

  • ENRICH – We are able to understand the engagement parameters, we are able to LISTEN to users, we are able to identify intervention points. We are able to define conversations.
  • ENERGISE - We are able to design intervention parameters and hence execute an exercise for an organization vis a vis perception. Our interventions activate/energise the conversations.
  • EVOLVE – The conversation that is planned and navigated with core beliefs and user acceptance parameters evolves into a potent influencer, the core objective of a perception management life cycle.